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The PADI Snorkeling class is a great way to learn the proper techniques for snorkeling safely.

You'll learn how to:
  • Properly fit, wear, and clear your mask.
  • Clear your snorkel using both the blast and displacement method.
  • Properly fit and use your fins for maximum propulsion with a minimum of effort.
  • Use a snorkeling vest.
  • Perform a proper tuck dive to get down for a closer look at the reef.
  • Equalize the pressure on your ears.
  • And much, much more!

This class is perfect for kids and families, and is a fun, easy way to make your snorkeling trip a more pleasurable and rewarding experience.
Complete instruction by a PADI Certified Instructor.
10 % discount on all snorkeling equipment in the store - sales items excluded.
Two hours of fun and learning in our heated, indoor pool.

Snorkeling Download:
Snorkeling Liability Release

** Online class availability may not be accurate. Class availability can be confirmed by either calling the store or upon receipt of email confirmation of class enrollment.**

includes use of mask, fins, snorkel & vest (or you may bring your own)


$ 25.00
includes pool session and all required equipment.