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Tip of the MonthThe One World Dive & Travel Crew

After more than 20 years in the scuba industry, we've learned a thing or two to help improve our diving, ease the rigors of travel and what equipment we can't live without. We share these nuggets of wisdom each month in our newsletter, and have aggregated them here to pass along to you.

If you've picked up some gem along the way, please share. A good diver is always learning, and it's usually much less painful to learn from others experiences.

March 2017 - Taking lessons isn't just to learn how to dive. Just like you might take a golf or ski/snowboard lesson to improve your skills, updating your diving skills is equally important. Whether you need help fine tuning your buoyancy, struggle to get that perfect shot or just want to look as smooth and efficient underwater as the Divemaster, scuba lessons can make a huge impact on your enjoyment of the sport.

February 2017 -
Remember to bring in your BCD for service along with your regulator. Failing to maintain the inflator could result in an out of control emergency ascent to the surface. And if you have an octo/inflator combo, like the Scubapro Air II or Aqualung Airsource, that's your breathing source if someone else runs out of air.

January 2017 -
When it comes to exposure protection, overpack! It's always better to have a hooded vest or heated shirt that stays in the bag rather than be shivering on every dive because you thought the water would be warmer than it is. 

December 2016 -
Learn to appreciate the social and cultural differences you encounter during your adventures, whether they be in the food you eat or the customs of the locals. If you wanted everything to be like it was at home, you should have stayed home. Embrace the changes and you'll quickly broaden your horizons.

November 2016 -
The most important thing you can pack on your next adventure is plenty of patience. Flights will be delayed, baggage may go temporarily missing and meals could be marathon events. How we choose to react can have a profound impact on both our mood and the outcome. Taking that extra deep breath, smiling our way through it or just ordering another frothy beverage can truly make or break our vacation.

October 2016 -
Beware of greasy sunscreen. Not only could it be bad for the reef, but there's nothing worse than your mask sliding all over your face or the lens getting smudged.

September 2016 -
Plan on exchanging some money to local currency when traveling abroad. Street vendors and small stores don't always accept credit cards. And many countries limit the dollar amount you can withdraw from ATM's, so having some cash on hand is key to a smooth transition into a new country.

August 2016 -
Before traveling, scan copies of your passport and other important documents and email them to yourself. If they get lost or stolen on your trip, it makes it easier to replace them when you can look up the copy.

July 2016
- Spend time before your trip learning about your dive computer. Read the manual, visit our YouTube Channel, push the buttons, or schedule a private tutorial with one of our staff.

June 2016 - Throw a large trash bag in your suitcase. If you have wet or smelly items, use it to keep them away from your clean and dry clothes.

May 2016 - Adventure Plus is a great way to increase your confidence and proficiency in diving. Get three certifications all in one! The course includes Advanced Open Water Diver, Emergency First Responder and and Rescue Diver.

April 2016 - Don't let the flurry of activity on the dive boat distract you from taking care of your personal gear setup and pre-dive checks.

March 2016 - Always write down the amount of weight you used in your logbook so you don't have to guess when you go back to your favorite dive sites.

February 2016 - It helps to store your SCUBA gear together in one place to make packing easier and faster. We also use the packing checklist every time to make sure we don't forget anything important - like your regulator!

January 2016 - Make 2016 the year you learn something new about diving. Whether it be a new class, dive destination or piece of equipment that will enhance your diving, don't let your skills and passion stagnate by doing the same thing over again!

December 2015 - Compile a list of items you wished you had on your trip, or items that have been damaged, and replace them immediately upon your return. This preps you for your next trip, and takes away the stress of doing it at the last minute before leaving on your next vacation.

November 2015 - Labeling your equipment makes it easy to separate your gear from the crowd. But many forget to label their weight pockets. Don't let your dive be ruined, or potentially dangerous, by sliding the wrong set of pockets into your BCD!

October 2015 - What's in your Save-a-Dive Kit? Do you have what you need to rescue your trip should something break or go wrong? Stop in and chat with the experts to help assemble some must-have items to ensure your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare!

September 2015 - Planning ahead can make or break your trip. Don't get left on the dock watching the dive boat leave for the day; book your dives ahead of time during the busy upcoming holiday travel season.

August 2015 - The most important thing a photographer can focus on is their fins!

July 2015 - Take a picture of your email address. If your camera is lost, maybe a kind person will email your photos to you!

June 2015 - Start thinking about your Fall Break plans in early Summer. Book early to get the best availability.

May 2015Use a packing list when getting ready for your next trip. Trust me on this one!

April 2015 - How well do you know your dive computer? Do you understand No Deco time, and what it looks like if you've gone into deco? Take the time to learn all the functions before heading out on your next vacation and potentially putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

March 2015 - DAN Insurance - Don't leave home without it!

February 2015 - Plan ahead - don't leave your diving to chance by hoping the operator will have space when you get there. A simple call to our travel department can be the difference between a nightmare or a dream vacation!

January 2015 - Escape the winter blues with a dive in our pool - the water is always 85 degrees and flat calm!