Aqualung i200C
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Aqualung i200C
The new gear keeps coming with the launch of the updated Aqualung i200c computer!

Aqualung computers are known for their simple navigation, easy to read display and useful features. This computer does all of these things, while making a few nice improvements. The most significant is the addition of Bluetooth. No more memorizing button sequences or scrolling through menus. Just open the app on your phone and program the time, date, nitrox, etc. and jump in. If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use, non-air integrated computer that you can wear as a watch on your dive trip, here it is!

Here are some other fun features of the new i200c:

  • The i200c syncs via Bluetooth to Aqualung’s DiverLog+ app, allowing you to use your iOS or Android device view your dive log, add location and other notes, as well as link your photos to your dive log.
  • Settings include air, nitrox, gauge and free dive modes for all your diving needs
  • The battery is user changeable and uses a common size sold in supermarkets worldwide. While a certified tech should always change your battery and pressure test the watch, in a pinch on trip you can pack a spare battery and save your dive!
  • The memory maintains settings and calculations between battery changes.
  • Memory can store up to 3 different gas mixes to easily switch between common blends without reprogramming the computer.
  • Audio and visual LED alarms provide increased safety by alerting you to your ascent rate and required safety stops.
  • With one push of one single button, you can access your last dive to see max depth and bottom time.
  • History saves your most recent 24 dives.
  • User-updateable software is available online from Aqualung to give you the most up to date algorithms and software.

One of the key selling features of this new model is the smaller size. It fits like a watch, making it comfortable and convenient for daily wear. It’s also stylish, and available in Blue, Aqua, Hot Lime, Bright Pink, Grey, and Dark Grey.

This computer is a great first computer (or an awesome back up computer to save your trip). Stop by the shop to try one on!