Brian White
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Ph: (303) 220-8282
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Brian White with Manta


Tell us your origin story!
I was certified to scuba dive in 2001. I come from a family of divers so it was ingrained in me early that this was going to be part of my story. I learned in the "amazingly clear waters" of Long Island Sound, NY, which I always love to say if you can dive there you can dive anywhere.

What caused you to make the leap from amateur to dive professional?
I always thought that I would eventually go pro and I was encouraged by family and friends who would join us on trips. I found myself always helping folks with breathing and buoyancy so it seemed like a natural progression. I made the decision and started the process in 2019 in Boston and finished in 2022 in Denver.

Favorite class to teach?
I love working with new students in the Open Water course, there's nothing like seeing the joy in someone's face when they complete that course.

Favorite dive destination?
I was lucky enough to live on the Big Island of Hawaii and there are so many spots to jump in and enjoy relatively untouched reefs throughout the island, we go back often.

What is your most beloved critter to spot under the waves?
While I love looking for the small critters in the sand, my wife always laughs as I seem to often come up with pictures of porcupine fish.

What is your “must have” piece of dive equipment?
Flashlight, I won't dive without one even during the day as that's the only way to sometimes spot some fun critters!

Favorite non-diving activity?
You'll find me often on a bike or out skiing when I'm not blowing bubbles!

Favorite post-dive treat or beverage?
I don't drink soda too often these days, but I often will seek a Coca-Cola shortly after a dive adventure!

Any advice you’d like to offer divers new and old?
You constantly learn new things in diving even after 20 years, it's amazing how much you can tweak your own abilities so keep an open mind and learn from divers old and new!