Charlton Gardner
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Ph: (303) 220-8282
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Hi, I'm Chuck.  I started my diving career in 2009 when I moved to Dahab, Egypt on a whim and a dream to become a PADI Divemaster.  This was a pretty big move for me considering that I had never even been SCUBA diving before and had no idea if I would even like it or not.  I will admit that I was pretty nervous about it and almost didn't make it through my 1st dive, however with the help of an excellent instructor I was able to overcome my fears and discover that I truly love diving!  I was converted before I left the water on that 1st dive and I surfaced with the goal of not only completing my PADI Divemaster rating but going on to become an Instructor as well so I could share my new found passion for the underwater world with others.  I completed my Open Water SCUBA Instructor course in the spring of 2013 with One World Dive and Travel and have been teaching here happily ever since.  I particularly enjoy working with students at Aurora Reservoir and doing kids classes in the shop.

Diving has allowed me the ongoing adventures of a lifetime and I would encourage anyone interested to give it a try, it could change your life.

What I dive:
ScubaPro MK25/A700, Aqualung Dimension i3 BCD w/Airsource, Suunto D4i computer w/transmitter, ScubaPro Seawing NOVA fins.