Erin Rinard
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Ph: (303) 220-8282
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Erin underwater


Tell us your origin story!
Growing up along the beaches of Southern California, a love for the ocean was instilled early on, however, diving was not on my radar until 2008. That all changed after a last minute snorkeling excursion opened my eyes to a lifestyle and passion that became my calling.

What caused you to make the leap from amateur to dive professional?   
Palau 2016. I could no longer deny my need to do this full-time and finally “answered that calling” to professional. It wasn’t long after I became a member of the One World Dive and Travel Family and haven’t looked back since!!

Favorite class to teach?
I value any class where my students leave feeling more empowered and confident in their abilities. I consider it a privilege to introduce new divers to the sport, and find BASIC SCUBA the most rewarding (and challenging). I honor those “light bulb” moments as students develop comfort in their new environment.

Favorite dive destination?  
Can’t pick just one! Today it’s a toss-up between Galapagos and Palau

What is your most beloved critter to spot under the waves?
Sharks are always a welcome sight but Red-lipped Batfish or spotting blennies popping out of coral heads never gets old

What is your “must have” piece of dive equipment?
Proper exposure protection! Wetsuit or Dry, nothing is worse than being cold and burning through my air supply! 

Favorite non-diving activity?
Yoga and watching true crime documentaries with my pug

Favorite post-dive treat or beverage?
Fresh fruit is the best during a surface interval and sunset mojitos to end the day

Any advice you’d like to offer divers new and old?  Don’t forget buddy checks!