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Group Trips

Our Group Trips feature the best dive destinations in the world, making your life easy by taking care of all the details, so you can enjoy your vacation. With customized itineraries that are both active and relaxing, we offer all of the must-see scenery and amenities for your escape. Group travel is a great way to meet like-minded, adventurous people. Many of our travelers become close friends and stay in touch long after returning home.

From diving the planet’s best reefs and wrecks, to exploring topside destinations on all seven continents—our adventure guides have over 20 years of knowledge and experience living, diving and guiding trips in all corners of the world. As certified instructors, we can offer continuing education dive courses as well as provide tips to become a better diver. Plus, there is a photography expert on every trip to document all of your memories for your friends back home.

Send us an email or give us a call to get in on the fun. We look forward to taking you on our next adventure!

Upcoming Group Trips

Ambon and Banda Sea
Caribbean Explorer
Iceland 2018
Botswana Safari 2018
Palau and Yap 2018
Cayman Brac Fall Bash 2018
Philippines 2018
Maldives 2019 Group Trip
Triton Bay 2019
Turks and Caicos Aggressor 2019
Bonaire Family Friendly Trip 2019
Galapagos 2019

Future upcoming group trips
Truk 2019
Cayman Aggressor 2020


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Travel Calendar

Check out all the fun we have on our dive trips!

Click the links to see trip reports, photos/videos  or details about each trip.

Cozumel Fall Bash 2017

Cuba 2017

Belize June 2017

Tahiti May 2017

Little Cayman April 2017

Little Cayman Girls Trip March 2017

Socorro February 2017

Galapagos January 2017

Cuba December 2016

Curacao October 2016

Truk Lagoon October 2016

Alor and Bali September 2016

Turks and Caicos June 2016

Grand Cayman May 2016

Humpback Whales March 2016

Belize March 2016

Antarctica February 2016

Little Cayman Girls January 2016

Fiji October 2015

Galapagos June/July 2015

Caribbean Explorer May/June 2015

Bonaire Girl's Trip May 2015

Palau and Yap Week 2 late April 2015

Palau and Yap Week 1 mid April 2015

Tanzania Feb, 2015

Curacao March, 2015

Roatan- Scuba Bash November 2014

Philippines Liveaboard September 2014

Komodo July, August 2014

Bahamas Aqua Cat June, July 2014

Cayman Liveaboard April, May 2014

Roatan Girls Trip April 2014

Indonesia March 2014

Cayman Compass Point February 2014

Bonaire January 2014

Cayman Brac Scuba Bash November 2013

Maldives September 2013

Galapagos August 2013

Turks & Caicos Liveaboard July 2013

Cocos June 2013

Fiji May 2013

Dominica April 2013

Girls Trip Grenada March 2013

Socorro January 2013
Bonaire - Scuba Bash October 2012

British Columbia September - October 2012

Komodo September 2012

Galapagos July/August 2012

Bonaire June, July 2012

Philippines Liveaboard June 2012

Girls Trip Belize May 2012

Little Cayman April 2012

Whales of the Silver Bank 
Dominican Republic March 2012

Maldives Feb 2012

Fiji Nai'a Nov 2011

Bahamas Colorado Scuba Bash Nov 2011

Komodo Oct 2011

Grand Cayman June 2011

Philippines May 2011

Egypt/Red Sea/Jordan April/May 2011

Grand Cayman Girl’s Trip  April 2011

Maldives Feb 2011

Cozumel January 2011

Truk Lagoon Nov 2010

Kona Hawaii Nov/ Dec 2010

Roatan Oct/ Nov 2010

Fiji Oct 2010

Tonga 2010

New Zealand 2010

Bonaire 2010

Bahamas 2010

Cozumel Girls Trip 2010

Turks and Caicos 2010

Indonesia 2010
Truk Lagoon 2009

Turks and Caicos Bash 2009

Papua New Guinea 2009

Fiji 2009

Turks and Caicos Girls Trip 2009

Palau and Yap 2009

Belize 2009

Cozumel 2009

Bonaire 2008 Colorado Scuba Bash

Galapagos 2008

Bahamas 2008

Bonaire 2008

Grand Cayman Girls Trip 2008

Turks and Caicos 2008

Utila 2008

Sipadan, Borneo and Singapore 2008

Australia 2007

Curacao Scuba Bash 2007

Truk Lagoon 2007

Bonaire 2007

Palau and Yap 2007

Cozumel Girls Trip 2007

Cozumel 2007

Little Cayman 2007

Bali and Komodo 2006

Galapagos Aggressor 2006

Alaska on the Nautilus Explorer 2006

Bonaire 2006

Fiji 2006

Yap 2006

Cozumel Girls Trip 2006