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Learn to Dive
If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. Get your scuba diving certification with the Open Water Diver course - the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. To enroll, you must be 10 years of age or older. You need adequate swimming skills and be in good physical health.

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Get Certified in 3 Easy Steps 
Class and pool work
Open Water Dives
How Much Does it Cost?
Group Classes: $425.00/person (includes equipment rental, eLearning fees and required materials)
Private Classes: $750.00/person (includes equipment rental, eLearning fees and required materials. Private classes can be scheduled any time our pool is available.)

Pricing includes eLearning fees, required course materials and rental equipment during pool sessions.
**Private classes include up to 16 hours of pool/classroom training**

Class & Pool Schedule
Develop your scuba skills with your instructor in our on-site pool and solidify your dive theory in the classroom. For your convenience, classes are offered multiple times per month and are located in the lower level of our retail facility. Our group class ratio is 6:1. Choose from weeknight, weekend or weekday morning classes. Or if your schedule doesn't match up with ours, select a Private class for the ultimate in flexibility.

Class schedulesClick here to sign up!
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Open Water Certification Dives

The final component of your certification, the Open Water Dives, provides real world experience of what you have learned in your training. There are 4 dives conducted over the course of 2 days. This is your opportunity to show yourself and your instructor your competency as a diver.

Aurora Reservoir
Aurora ReservoirJune - September

Located 30 minutes from the shop, Aurora Reservoir could be the perfect option for your schedule, budget and time.

Aurora Reservoir (12 yrs +): $225.00
Aurora Reservoir (10 & 11 yrs): $300.00

Not included in price:
  • Transportation
  • Aurora Reservoir parking
  • Gear rental (if needed)
Homestead Crater
Homestead CraterOctober - May

An 8-hour road trip is a fun way to complete your open water dives in a 95 degree hot spring!

Homestead Crater (12 yrs +): $300.00
Homestead Crater (10 & 11 yrs): $405.00

Not included in price:
  • Transportation and lodging
  • Homestead Crater Entrance Fee
  • Gear rental (if needed)
On your vacation
Referral DivesANYTIME!

Wherever your destination, we will assist you in finding a dive shop to complete your open water dives! This may be your best option if you are pressed for time.

Referral Dives: Price varies by location

Not included in price:
  • Varies by location
*You pay the same amount of money whether you book your Open Water Dives yourself or through our travel department.

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Confused about something? Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we hope you will find helpful. For further clarification, please call, click or stop in to ask a One World Dive & Travel Staff Member!

Can eLearning be shared?
No. eLearning integrates both the Knowledge Reviews and Quizzes into the program, requiring each individual to complete their own.

Why do I need to pay more to get my 10 or 11 year old certified?
PADI requires 10 & 11 year olds to have a 4:1 ratio instead of the standard 8:1 ratio for ages 12 and up. This is the best way we can ensure the safety of your child both physically and mentally.

What will it cost to rent gear for my Open Water Dives at Homestead Crater or Aurora Reservoir for the weekend?
BCD: $25 * Regulator: $25 * Mask & Snorkel: $6 * Fins: $6 * 7mm Wetsuit: $20
There is no additional charge for tanks & weights. 7mm wetsuit is only needed for Aurora Reservoir.

Do I have to be a good swimmer to learn to dive?
You will need to float/tread water in the deep end for 10 minutes and be able to swim for 200 yards OR snorkel for 300 yards. If you are concerned about any of these requirements, private swim lessons are available to get you up to par!

Do I need to be medically cleared by my doctor to Scuba Dive?
Only if you answered "YES" to any questions on the required PADI Medical Questionnaire, otherwise no physician release is needed.
Download and complete if you answer YES to any of the medical questions:
PADI Medical Statement

Need a registration form?
Clipboard registration formsOpen Water Student Packet
Extended Medical Release
- if you answer yes on any of the medical questions

Got Certified . . . now what?
Want to be a safe and independent scuba diver?
Perfect buoyancyOpen Water Level 2

Ready to take the next step in your certification?
Underwater NavigationAdvanced Open Water Diver

Want to stay down longer?
Enriched Air NitroxEnriched Air Nitrox

Want to learn how to save a life?
First Aid/CPRFirst Aid/CPR