Scuba Dive Lights
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Scuba Dive Lights

What can we not dive without at night, but are just as valuable during the day? Dive lights! They not only provide illumination during a night dive, but are also very useful during day dives to look into those dark nooks and labyrinths, home to lobster, crab and eels.

Care and maintenance of you dive lights are critical. Prior to diving, batteries should be checked to determine remaining burn time. Disposable batteries should be disposed of appropriately (I bring home my old AA batteries and reuse them in my mouse, keyboard and remote controls) and rechargeable ones recharged and retested.  O-rings should be removed, inspected, cleaned and lubricated before every dive.  The groove where the o-ring is seated should be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth and checked for damage. The case housing, switches, bulb and lanyard should also be checked.

After your dive, rinse the lights in fresh water as soon as possible, dry them and remove the batteries (once you are done diving for the week). Then store them in a dry,cool place out of direct sunlight.

In the event you flood your light - as some of us perhaps have a tendency to do - immediately turn it off.  Switch to a back up if you are on a night dive and don't continue the dive on your back up (you may wish to carry more than one back up light - especially on lengthy dives). When you exit the water, remove the batteries away from other people as they may burst. Appropriately dispose of them. Rinse the light in fresh water and dry it thoroughly. Bring it into the shop and have us evaluate what can be saved.

When it comes to which light to purchase, your choices are as broad as dive locations. Do you want something small enough to take on every dive? Are you looking for a video light for your GoPro that can also work for general night diving? Our team can help narrow down your choices based on your light requirements.

Remember: properly maintained dive lights enhance our diving experience. They give us the opportunity to see things in areas that ordinarily would not be visible to us, or illuminate the reds, oranges and yellows that we lose in the color spectrum as we descend.