Traveling with Photography Equipment
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Traveling with Photography Equipment

For any of you that have traveled with us, you know part of my equipment needs are my camera and housing. This gets wheeled around the world in what has affectionately been nicknamed “the Schoolbus”, a bright yellow hard sided case that has visited so many countries it should have its own passport!

From carry on to hard sided cases, and with weight and size restrictions, there are numerous ways to get your gear from point A to B and back.

The benefits of a carry on option are pretty obvious – it’s always close at hand, you have complete control of it, and as long as you don’t leave it in the overhead compartment, it’s the best option for safeguarding your equipment. Whether hard sided or soft, there are numerous bags and cases available to fit this need. But on the downside, cameras, housing, batteries and spares pack a hefty weight, and with certain airlines limiting their carry on bag limit to 15lbs, this option may not work for everyone.

I’ve seen many a diver wrap their gear in t-shirts and bathing suits and use a standard suitcase as their checked luggage. Although convenient, this doesn’t always provide the protection of today’s sensitive camera equipment needs.

Finally, there’s the hard sided case. Durable and safe, this seems to be the option of choice for photographers serious about protecting their equipment. With a range of sizes, there really is a case to fit any photographers setup. Although out of your control while hurtling through space in a round metal tube, I’ve found the benefits greatly outweigh the deficits. The downside to these cases is the extra weight. I've learned exactly what I can fit in my case while avoiding paying overweight fees.

By having a dedicated case for my photo equipment, everything has its place. It becomes the ideal storage container while it rests in my basement, ready to hit the water once the next trip comes around.