Our Favorite Things . . .
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Our Favorite Things . . .

At One World Dive & Travel, we only sell the gear our staff uses. This month, we sat down and picked out our favorite dive gear and accessories that we wouldn’t leave home without.

Suunto D4i White Michelle’s Favorite Thing: Suunto D4i Novo Computer

“I love my D4i. It’s air integrated and does everything you could want from a dive computer. It is also nice and small so I can wear it as a fashionable watch as well.”
Colorado Half Buff MP’s Favorite Thing: Colorado Buff UV Half Buff

“I hate tangled hair and I want to look cute underwater! Not to mention, it comes on all my adventures—surfing, snowboarding, camping, etc. And everywhere I travel, I show off my Colorado pride.”
Regulator swivel Brian’s Favorite Thing: Swivel Hose Adaptor

“The swivel has to be one of the best innovations in SCUBA in the past 5 years. They are quick and easy to install on any regulator, and the level of comfort is just incredible. Instead of fighting my reg hose, it feels like my regulator is an extension of my jaw.”
Thermalution Heated Shirt Jill’s Favorite Thing: Thermalution Heated Shirt

“I love my heated shirt. It’s absolutely my favorite thing. I mean, it always keeps me warm. It’s pretty much that simple. I won’t go diving without it any more. Heck, I probably wouldn’t go skiing without it anymore.”
Aqualung Safe Sole Ergo Boot Zach’s Favorite Thing: Safe Sole Ergo Booties

“I’d wear these boots everywhere. They are comfy, like slippers, but they have incredible arch support for walking around. I always hated wrestling my feet into booties, but the zippers make them so easy to put on.”
Aqualung Sole BCD Kim’s Favorite Thing: Soul i3 BCD

“The Soul is designed so nicely. There are two things I like about this BCD. It takes the weight off your shoulders and puts it on your hips like a backpack. The i3—which actually comes on a couple of BCs—has a level of finesse to adjusting your buoyancy that a standard inflator cannot meet.”
Aqualung Nautilus Fold Up Snorkel Carolyn’s Favorite Thing: Nautilus Snorkel

“I don’t like having my snorkel in my face all the time, so I love that I can put the Nautilus in my pocket when I’m diving. I grew up around water, and this is just as good as any ‘real’ snorkel out there. It holds it shape when I snorkel with it and like I said, it is totally out of my way when I’m diving.”
Dive Flag Dog Collar Finn’s Favorite Thing: Dive Flag Dog Collar

“I like to show off my Bronco’s spirit on Sundays, but the rest of the week, I keep it classy and professional by wearing my Dive Flag collar to work.”
Scuba Tank Water Bottle Buddy’s Favorite Thing: One World Tank Water Bottle

“After a long walk, I enjoy slurping water out of my tank water bottle. It’s so much cooler and way more comfortable than my water dish. Plus, as any good Dive Dog knows, staying hydrated is important to avoid decompression sickness!"

There are so many fun toys that make SCUBA Diving an incredible sport. What is your favorite thing? Comment below to let us know!