Our Caribbean Favorites . . .
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Our Caribbean Favorites . . .

Diving is often enjoyed with sunny skies, sandy beaches, and the isolation that only tropical life can provide. Some Caribbean adventures are the stuff dreams are made of, while others can turn into a “three hour tour” gone wrong. If you are looking for a hassle-free and fun vacation, here are our top destinations for a sunny, tropical escape.

Cozumel Pool COZUMEL
Why you should go: Thanks to direct flights from several US cities, Cozumel is easy to get to from the States. The ease of access along with resorts that offer extremely inclusive packages make it a good value for families and groups looking to get away.

What you should Do: Explore Palancar Gardens. A great dive site for beginner and advanced divers alike, the coral arch swim-throughs and abundance of turtles are sure to make Palancar Gardens one of the most memorable moments of your vacation.

For added adventure: Don't miss the Chicken Mole at El Morro. Ray and the gang make you feel like family while spoiling you with amazing eats and delicious margaritas!
Bonaire Shore Diving BONAIRE
Why you should go: Known for easy shore diving and brilliant, lush reefs full of color, Bonaire is the shore diving mecca of the Caribbean. It also boasts having the oldest marine park reserve, allowing for a variety of creatures to thrive in the protected waters.

What you should Do: Swim under the Salt Pier (when it is open and allowed). This hypnologic experience is straight out of a bedazzled dream. Clouds of salt crystals the size of quarters cascade down around you. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing diamonds rain down from above, this is the site for you!

For added adventure: Visit the Donkey Sanctuary and get in touch with your inner animal lover. Originally brought to the island as work animals by the Spaniards some 400 years ago, donkeys have not adjusted well to island life. At this refuge, they receive extra TLC and a safe place to play with tourists.
Why you should go: One of the friendliest, safest and most hospitable sites in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are known for their walls and swim-throughs.

What you should Do: Kneel on the ocean floor of Stingray City and watch the giant rays come in for cleaning. With your face inches from one of the most majestic animals in the ocean, this dive is always a favorite. Often referred to as the best 15' dive in the world!

For added adventure: Spend your week on Little Cayman enjoying one of our favorite dive locations in the world, Bloody Bay Wall. Arguably some of the best diving available without a 30 hour plane ride!
Turks and Caicos Diving TURKS & CAICOS
Why you should go: If you want to get off the tourist track, TCI is the place to go. A lack of cruise ships on the main island of Providenciales make the stunning beaches less crowded and more open to enjoy.

What you should Do: Although the shear wall is mesmerizing, take time to explore the shallow sand reefs. This is your best chance to see the elusive Flying Gurnard, and possibly feeding Eagle Rays.

For added adventure: Give your core a workout and go stand-up paddle boarding in the mangroves to see vegetation that only grows in coastal salt water. Why hike the jungle when you can float through the scenery?
The Blue Hole, Belize BELIZE
Why you should go: The town of St. Pedro on Ambergris Cay offers the quintessential island life. Quaint, open-air restaurants and walk-able streets (with the exception of an occasional golf cart) make it a great get-away to unwind and relax.

What you should Do: Skip the touristy Blue Hole and dive Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This is one of our favorite reefs in the Caribbean. Aquatic life abounds—corals, sponge, fish, and big critters—making it a fun site for both divers and snorkelers.

For added adventure: Take your pick of adrenaline based excursions. From zipline courses to wildlife tours, from tarpon fishing to incredible spelunking in caves, Belize is adventure central and you can’t go wrong with all of the places to play.

Make sure your trip to paradise is a perfectly planned adventure. Call to speak with one of our travel specialists for Caribbean recommendations.