Our Pacific Favorites . . .
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Our Pacific Favorites . . .

Some of the biggest and best ocean life you’ll see doesn’t always hang out in the protected waters of the Caribbean. If you are ready to take your diving to the next level of adventure, try exploring one of our favorite Pacific dive sites.

Truk Lagoon tank TRUK LAGOON (CHUUK)

Why you should go: Truk, also known as Chuuk, is the ultimate bucket list item for wreck divers. The lagoon was once a haven for Japanese war ships and supply vessels until the U.S. bombed them in World War II.

What you should do: Pay your respects on the Fujikawa Maru where sunken planes highlight one of the most popular wreck dives in the world.

For added adventure: Brush up on your history! A number of land-based tours can shed more light on the war in the Pacific.
Philippine Whale Shark

Why you should go: The Philippines are home to some of the warmest waters in the Pacific, as well as an absolute paradise for little critter lovers.

What you should do: Go muck diving! It might sound like dirty work, but plunging through the sediment of black sand and debris gives divers the chance to see some of the freakiest and funkiest species in the ocean (like Flamboyant cuttlefish and Hairy Frogfish.)

For added adventure: Snorkel with our favorite gentle giants of the sea. While whale sharks can be hard to find in most locations, the Philippines offer a great place to splash at the surface and spend hours with these normally elusive creatures.
Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Why you should go: These two islands are easy to see together in one trip. Palau was voted Lonely Planet’s “Must See Destination of 2016” while Yap is a favorite for National Geographic photographers.

What you should do: Snorkel in the world famous jellyfish lake in Palau. In this salt-water oasis, the jellyfish have bred freely for decades without predators, and therefore no longer have stinging cells.

For added adventure: Kayak to experience the serenity of Yap. Whether gliding through the mangroves, or exploring 19th century canals, kayaking is a relaxing way to see the sites of this culturally rich paradise.
Komodo Dragon, Indonesia

Why you should go: Indonesia boasts some of the healthiest reefs on the planet, with a diverse mixture of reef, wall and muck diving.

What you should do: Explore a kaleidoscope of color at Cannibal Rock. Around every reef you’ll be treated to sky blue anemones, rich maroon sea cucumbers, glowing purple gorgonian fans, and yellow whip coral (not to mention creatures big and small, from pygmy seahorses to giant manta rays.)

For added adventure: If you get tired of swimming with sea monsters like green turtles and black snappers, take a walk among the world famous Dragons of Komodo.
Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos

Why you should go: The flora and fauna of Galapagos inspired Charles Darwin’s research on evolution, so you can only imagine the diverse and rare life forms you will see.

What you should do: Spend a week on a SCUBA specific live aboard. The best diving is at Wolf and Darwin, and the only way to get there is aboard a scuba diving liveaboard. Although sharks are a highlight, Marine Iguana, Mola Mola and Galapagos Penguins add to the adventure.

For added adventure: The topside life is just as incredible as the creatures under the sea. Take some time to visit the giant tortoises, iguanas and blue-footed booby birds.

If you’re ready to explore the seas beyond those sandy shores, call one of our travel specialists to start your Pacific adventure!