Our Topside Favorites . . .
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Our Topside Favorites . . .

We love adventures of all styles. While the water is our playground, the world has so much to offer when you’re not flipping your fins. Here are a few of our favorites (so far)!

Tanzanian Safari TANZANIA

Why you should go: Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Kilimanjaro. Tanzania boasts some of the most diverse and vast National Parks in the region, with fewer tourists than their neighbors to the north, Kenya.

What you should do: Take a safari! If you love diving with eagle rays, cuttlefish, and whale sharks, you’ll love photographing zebras, wildebeests and lions. And don't be surprised if your inner "Birder" comes out when you are surrounded by such beauty and grace.

For added adventure: Soar over the trees in a hot air balloon to see the serene landscape of the Serengeti.
Antarctic penguins

Why you should go: Ice, Penguins and Seals. Placing your feet on the 7th continent is also a highlight for those blessed enough to be such world travelers.

What you should do: Kayak, hike and take photos of fuzzy penguins! Enjoy long days and take in the serene and daring landscapes, where the golden hour of photography can last through most of the evening!

For added adventure: Weather permitting, camp on the ice. Spend the night listening to penguins chirp and ice crackle and wake up to some of the most pure sunrises on the planet.
Humpback Whale Breaching

Why you should go: Guidebooks consistently review DR as the best beaches in the world. From the Spanish heritage and culture, to strolling on the white sand and soaking up some sun, the Dominican Republic is a true paradise for low-key relaxation.

What you should do: Go whale watching. The Silver Banks north of the Dominican Republic is a breeding ground for Humpback Whales. It’s a great place to see these majestic creatures jump and swoon to attract a mate.

For added adventure: Grab your snorkel and jump in! Swimming on the surface is a fun way to see the incredible encounters up close, with the rare opportunity to be a "babysitter" for a juvenile humpback whale.

Why you should go: Iceland is one of the most affordable European destinations to fly to, with direct flights from most major US airports. Many hotels also offer all-inclusive packages with meals and tours included.

What you should do: Bring your camera and sign up for a late night excursion to see the northern lights. This phenomenon is rarely visible in the states, but at the top of the world, geomagnetic and solar flare activity makes for a light show like no other.

For added adventure: Fly up a volcano on a helicopter ride to get an unforgettable view of the country’s hot spring landscape.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina ARGENTINA

Why you should go: Buenos Aires is a convenient layover en route to most South American destinations. If you have a few hours—or a few nights—to kill, there is tons of local culture and natural beauty to explore.

What you should do: Grab a snack at Café Tortoni, the oldest café in Buenos Aires, or (if time allows) enjoy a Tango show.

For added adventure: Hike Iguazu Falls! Recently named one of the Seven New Natural Wonders of the World, this waterfall is an absolute spectacle with enough water flow every second to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools!
Buddhist Shrine

Why you should go: The crossroads where East meets West, Hong Kong is the best location to experience Chinese culture with the comforts of Western society.

What you should do: Eat everything, from dim sum in old colonial cafes to street vendors in the legendary night market. The flavors range from sweet and sour to spicy and bitter, making Hong Kong an adventure for the foodie in all of us.

For added adventure: Take the cable car to the Limpo Monastery and climb the steps to the Tian Tan Buddha that towers over the island.

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