Why we do certification dives at Aurora Reservoir
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Why we do certification dives at Aurora Reservoir

Aurora Reservoir is our summer playground. From June through September, our teams of fearless instructors take students to Aurora every other weekend to complete their open water dives. Below are the top 5 reasons our staff and instructors believe Aurora Reservoir is the best place to get certified.

Packing the van

#5. Aurora is close and convenient!
Just 20 minutes from our shop door, the location of Aurora makes getting SCUBA certified easy and efficient. There is no long distance travel—or associated travel expenses—no tanks to haul and best of all, you can sleep in your own bed.

What to see

#4. Aurora has an underwater airplane!

Aurora may not have the prettiest fish or most luscious scenery, but diving the airplane is an unforgettable experience. Open Water students may get a glimpse of this sunken Cessna, while Advanced students can practice your buoyancy by fin pivoting over the wings.

Group having fun at AR

#3. Aurora has the most realistic beach in Colorado!

With a breath taking view of the Rocky Mountains, first class shade shelters and clean changing rooms, Aurora Reservoir offers a perfect outdoor summer day in Colorado. Beyond that, the SCUBA beach creates very accurate conditions to simulate shore diving in the ocean. From staging your gear before walking across the sand, to easing out into the gentle surf to test your weight, the atmosphere is a very authentic offering of ocean diving.

Kids diving Aurora

#2. Aurora prepares divers for adventure!

It's no secret that reservoirs and lakes in Colorado lack the lighting and great visibility of the ocean, but these conditions are what make them such great training platforms. By completing your open water dives at Aurora, you’ll be trained to handle some of the most challenging circumstances divers face—low visibility, thermoclines in the water, etc.—and will therefore be a safer diver when you are on vacation.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

#1. Aurora instructors are a top-notch training team

Our instructors who certify divers at Aurora Reservoir absolutely love diving the reservoir. Their teamwork and positive energy is contagious, and no matter what may happen—be it freaky Colorado weather, or low visibility on the bottom—they always pull together to make it a great weekend for everyone.

To book your open water dives at Aurora, call the shop to sign up for our next class!