Our Favorite Specialty Courses
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Our Favorite Specialty Courses

The best way to stay safe and having fun in the water is through continued education. Courses like advanced open water and rescue diver introduce divers to additional skills, while specialties dig deeper into the core knowledge and allow divers to gain confidence in new and specific aspects of diving.

If you are looking for a way to continue your dive education and gain confidence and technique before your next trip, consider enrolling in one of our Top 5 Favorite Specialty Courses:

5.) Search & RecoverySearch and Recovery Dive

Search and Recovery is a fun and adventurous specialty to add to your diving repertoire. Divers learn various search patterns and buoyancy techniques to find and raise lost treasures to the surface. This class is also practical, as you never know when a weight belt, mask, or even iPhone may go for a swim off the back of the boat!

Wrenching on equipment4.) Equipment

You can be the hero of the dive boat by taking this class and gaining some basic working knowledge of your SCUBA equipment. Without getting lost in technical details, this class covers the inner workings of SCUBA gear and provides some simple tricks to save your trip if your gear starts to malfunction.


3.) NavigationNavigation Dive

Between currents, debris, and Gregorian fans that all look alike, it’s easy to get lost or disoriented underwater. Navigation is by far one of the most important specialties all divers should take to learn basic orienteering skills to make sure you get safely back to the boat.


2.) Peak Performance Buoyancy

There is nothing more frustrating as a diver—both experienced and novice alike—than sinking or floating without being able to control your buoyancy. With this class, divers can focus on getting the right weight and practicing breathing technique to gracefully glide up and down in the water column. Plus, this is the only skill you use on every dive. Night, photography, video, navigation - they all start with rock solid buoyancy skills!


1.) Enriched Air NitroxDiving Nitrox

There are so many benefits to diving Enriched Air Nitrox when you’re on a multi-day dive vacation. Nitrox allows divers longer bottom time to help you maximize your undersea adventures while traveling abroad. Additionally, many of our staff members report feeling less tired and more alert after multiple nitrox dives than they do after multiple air dives.

Visit our website for up-to-date information about these and other specialty courses, or call the shop at 303-220-8282 to talk with our staff about the best class to help you be a better diver!