Why we love Little Cayman
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Why we love Little Cayman

If you are ready to escape the heat and start planning your next dive trip, allow us to suggest Little Cayman. As one of our favorite "home away from home" islands, there are so many reasons we know you and your family will love it here:

#5) A true island getaway
With only 200 residents on the island, Little Cayman is more authentic and secluded than the hustle of Grand Cayman. If you're looking for an exclusive Caribbean escape that feels remote, this is the place!

#4) Great conditions for good diving

It's hard to find a bad dive site in Little Cayman. The water is warm, the visibility is good, and most dive sites are a short boat ride from the resorts.

#3) Fun and friendly wildlifeMarla petting Nassau Grouper

The critters that call Little Cayman home make each dive unforgettable. This is an especially great place to see turtles, but we are particularly fond of the curious and welcoming groupers.

#2) The reefs are shallow

With shallow reefs all around the island, you can plan long dives filled with colorful flora and fauna. Or, if you choose to venture deeper, you can plan multiple, pro-longed safety stops and enjoy more dive time on the way up.

#1) Bloody Bay Wall

Bloody Bay Wall is one of our favorite dive locales in the world! The drop off is sheer, but the reef is shallow, and colorful wildlife is all around you.

To learn more about Little Cayman, or any of our other favorite dive sites, call or email to speak with one of our Travel Specialists. Our Travel Department is here to keep you safe and give you 20 years of experience and service that will make your vacation unforgettable!