Safety Sausage - The Seat Belt of SCUBA Diving
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Safety Sausage - The Seat Belt of SCUBA Diving

Would you drive a car without wearing your seat belt? When you strap your seat belt on, do you plan on using it every time you drive or ride in a car? If not, then why would you dive without a safety sausage? Using Safety Sausage

A safety sausage, also known as a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) or visual signaling device, is usually a neon orange, inflatable tube that can be inflated with a breath or two of air, or from air from your regulator. They come in sizes ranging from 4' to 10' and can be used to signal help at the surface when you are tired or fatigued.

This accessory is one of the most important items a diver can own. Rarely available for rent at resorts, a safety sausage is the seat belt of SCUBA Diving: 99.99% of the time you never need it, but that time you do need it is when it matters most.

Situations when you might need a safety sausage include:

  • If you run our of air and need to surface immediately
  • When drift diving where the current may pull you off of your intended course
  • In low visibility conditions where line of sight navigation is challenging
  • On crowded boats where the crew and divemasters have to keep track of many divers
  • During unexpected conditions with waves or chop that make it difficult to see the boat

To learn more about safety sausages, stop by the shop and talk with our staff.