Holiday Gift Ideas from the staff at One World
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Holiday Gift Ideas from the staff at One World

With the holidays fast approaching, we polled the staff to find out their top gift idea for the upcoming season. Regardless of your budget, we have something for that special person this gift giving season.

Wine Charms Michelle - Everyone around here knows my favorite gifts are wine and chocolate. So having these new Sterling Silver Wine Glass Charms is the perfect gift for inside my stocking (hint, hint, Steve). Now if only they were made of chocolate . . .
Thermalution Heated Shirt Jill - I'm the one wearing the heavy sweater while sitting at the travel desk, so it's no surprise that my favorite gift is the Thermalution Heated Shirt. While others are shivering their way through the afternoon dive, I'm snug as a bug with my shirt set to high!
Enriched Air Diver Class Erin - They say a good diver is always learning, and I'm proof of that. Whether it be discovering the secrets of my new GoPro, learning about my life saving equipment, or taking the first steps towards the professional ranks in the Divemaster program, soaking up diving knowledge is what I enjoy. Next on my list - Enriched Air Nitrox!
Balanza Luggage Scale Zach - We've all seen it . . . the person crouching by the airport check-in pulling clothes out of their bag in a vain attempt to get their bag under weight. Having just returned home from teaching in the Czech Republic and gallivanting across Europe via plane, train and automobile, the last thing I want to be is that guy, frantically trying to redistribute my belongings across multiple bags while the world looks on and judges me. So sign me up for the Balanza Luggage Scale. I'll throw my dirty laundry around in the privacy of my hostel room.
Scubapro Hydros Pro Kim - There's only one answer - the Scubapro Hydros Pro. Love it so much I'm getting a second one.
SUUNTO EON Core Carolyn - My heart started pumping the minute these came in! The Eon Core has a lot of the same features as the SUUNTO Eon Steel, but in a perfectly sized package. And since it uses the same tank pod as the original Eon Steel, my current transmitter will work with it. I'll take mine in Lime, please!
Nautilus Lifeline Rick - That's a tough one. I'm with Kim on the Scubapro Hydros Pro having just been diving with it in Cozumel. And although the SUUNTO Eon Core is a great looking new computer, the new UWATEC G2 will work with my current transmitter. But the one thing that's most important to me is making sure I always make it home to Arina. So my eyes are set on the new small and sleek Nautilus Lifeline, a distress beacon should I ever pop up away from the boat.
Gift Certificate Anna - Wait, I only get to pick one? But my list grows every time a new box shows up. I'm currently up to 3 pages, but I just got a Soul i3 BCD, so there's one less thing. Since I can't decide on just one, the best thing for me is a One World Dive & Travel Gift Certificate. Or six.
Rainbow over waterall Brian - I like toys just as much as the next guy, but little fills my soul like a grand adventure. From spending the months leading up to the trip dreaming about what could be, to experiencing new cultures, food, and of course, dive sites, my ideal holiday gift is to travel. And considering we have the best resources available sitting behind the desks at our Travel Department, making those dream trips come true is just a phone call away.