Adult private swim lessons available at One World
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Adult private swim lessons available at One World

There's no better place for adults to get in the "swim" of things, then at One World Dive a & Travel. We offer private swim lessons for those Adult learn to swim lessonswho'd like to overcome a fear of water, brush up on skills or feel more comfortable while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Wouldn't it be nice to comfortably swim laps or snorkel with your children or grandchildren on vacation? Have you ever wanted to learn to dive but your fear of the water held you back from fulling your dream of becoming certified? We offer indoor, climate controlled, year round, private lessons in our heated, salt water pool. Our instructors cater to your schedule and your current skills to provide strategies for success that assist you in meeting your personal goals in an efficient manner.

Swimming is great for people of all ages but offers additional benefits to adults. The water makes your body buoyant, eliminating pressure and strain on your joints. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise reducing the risk of a heart attack. It helps maintain and gain muscle mass. Swimming can increase your flexibility. While swimming provides these benefits, and more, it's important knowing the proper techniques for injury prevention. Improper form can lead to pulled muscles and tendons, especially in the shoulders and back. Proper form and technique can keep you safer, longer.

Learning to swim as an adult can be intimidating. Whether it includes, survival skills, stroke development, or preparation for a snorkeling trip or scuba class, our swim instructors can provide lessons to suit your individual needs so you gain confidence in your swimming abilities. Give us a call at 303-220-8282 to get registered, or answer any questions you have, on our adult private sim lessons.

See you in the pool!