Our Top 5 Essential Dive Accessories
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Our Top 5 Essential Dive Accessories

Our Top 5 Essential Dive Accessories

Through our years of exploring the oceans, diving along the way, we have developed our Top 5 Essential Dive Accessories every diver should have. Like our American Express card, these are the items we "never leave home without".

1. Underwater GPS

They may say it doesn't yet exist for the recreational market, but we've been hard at work in the repair shop and have developed our own proprietary Geo-location algorithms. Thanks to the help of Elon Musk (you thought he was just shooting a Tesla into space?), our network of satellites can assure you'll never be lost underwater again!


2. Ochos

You've heard of doubles? We laugh at doubles. Doubles are for rookies! No longer will you get labeled the "Air Hog" or "Buffalo Breather". You'll laugh as your dive buddies run low on air after an hour. Although not ideally streamlined, we never worry about air conservation or efficiency underwater. Better yet, we don't even need any weight to sink!

3. Bang Sticks

Afraid of sharks? Or maybe even Tysonfish (see Rangiroa, French Polynesia video for explanation)? Fear no more with your very own underwater hand grenade. There may be a good chance the fish won't be the only one not swimming away, but some sacrifices must be made.

4. The Zapper
Without a doubt our favorite must-have accessory is The Zapper. Distributed to all our dive buddies, it allows us to give them a subtle reminder to stay off the reef, quit touching the wildlife, or stop hogging the creatures so they can take another picture. One, or twelve, quick taps of The Zapper, and you'll have your buddies chasing right behind you. It may be to get the controller away from you, but either way the end result is the same!

5. Ninja Fighting Skills
When all else fails, we revert to our Underwater Ninja training to get us out of any sticky situation. Whether it be to foil an attack by nameless henchmen, or assist James Bond in saving the world, our latest specialty training is always at the ready!

Don't delay, as all of these products are available TODAY ONLY! And we hope you have a great April Fools Day! (and Happy Easter)