What's Next?
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What's Next?

What’s Next?

SCUBA is an amazing sport for the opportunities to continually grow and explore new aspects of diving. Through continued education courses, you can become increasingly independent and safe in the water, while also branching out to explore new adventures. Not only does improving your skills keep you safer in the water, but it makes diving more enjoyable!

But with so many specialties and courses available, it can be overwhelming to understand which next adventure is right for you. At One World, Perfect your buoyancywe think it’s important to keep your goals in mind when choosing which class is right for you. So here are a few things to think about when choosing a class.

Are you a recreational diver?

Do you like to go on a dive trip or two every year? Are you into diving for fun with your family and friends? Is travel your main goal in diving?

If so, we recommend the Open Water Level II course. This unique class is only available at One World Dive and Travel, and teaches you the basic skills you need to be a safe and independent diver. You’ll explore skills necessary for deep dives and learn basic underwater skills to keep you oriented on new dive sites.

Underwater NavigationAre you thinking about being a dive professional?
Would you enjoy teaching SCUBA as an instructor? Do you have aspirations of working on a dive boat in the Caribbean? Do you want diving to be more than a hobby?

If so, we recommend the advanced course. This is the first step in becoming a dive professional. This course includes all of the skills covered in Basic Level II, as well as an introduction to dive theory at altitude (which is important in Colorado) and some basic skills for wreck, night, and search and recovery diving.

Are you an avid traveler?Enriched Air Nitrox
Do you go on multiple dive trips a year? Do you love life on a liveaboard? Do you dive 3 or 4 dives every day on your vacation?

If so, then you should absolutely have a Nitrox certification. Diving Enriched Air extends your bottom time and allows you to plan longer repetitive dives each day. When diving all day everyday, travelers report feeling less tired than those divers who just use air.

Adventure PlusAre you looking for the best value?
Do you love diving and see yourself taking multiple classes? Do you find yourself curious about many different aspects of diving? Do you like to get the most bang for your buck?

If so, Adventure Plus is for you! This course combines Advanced, First Responder, and Rescue Diver into one package price. You save money and get three certifications. Advanced explores skills to improve your navigation and buoyancy underwater, First Responder gives you a basic First Aid and CPR certificate, and Rescue Diver teaches you skills to keep both you and your buddy safe on your next adventure.

Whatever your dive goals are, there is a class that can help take you deeper and make you a safer, more confident diver on your next trip. Call the shop, or stop in to talk with our staff about which course is best for you!