Are your old fins "good enough"?
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Are your old fins "good enough"?

SCUBA Diving equipment gets updated and improved all the time! GoPro comes out with new models every year. Computers get software updates and release new models with ever-clearer displays. Even Old fins become rigid and lose elasticitywetsuits get updated with new, more insulated fabrics. With so much new technology being injected into the sport of SCUBA, sometimes the basic equipment gets overlooked.

Many people are surprised to hear that fins have undergone a transformation of their own over the past 20 years. Not only are they lighter to pack in your luggage and gentler on knees and hips, but they actually make kicking more efficient.

The fundamental improvement in new fins is making them lighter. The plastic and other materials are less dense. The shape of fins has changed as well. Companies have poured research into finding the key “power zones” on fins and cutting away the parts that add weight without return.

New fins are easier to kick resulting in less energy used and longer bottom timesThe changes to fins seem subtle and cosmetic, so people tend to not replace their fins. But just like the shocks of a car, fins stiffen and break down—especially in our dry Colorado air. The lost elasticity decreases the effectiveness. As a result, you have to kick more frequently to get the same return from the fins. This burns up more energy in your muscles causing you to breathe faster, which uses up the air in your tank faster.

Essentially, the improvements make diving more enjoyable. From packing less weight in your luggage to gliding comfortably through the water, a new pair of fins can be a simple investment in longer bottom time. Stop by the shop to check out our latest inventory before your next adventure.