The Right Fit
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The Right Fit

A question we’ve been hearing a lot of lately is “What size mask am I?” It’s a logical question. Everything we put on our bodies—from shoes to wetsuits—come in sizes. But size can be a bit complicated in the scuba business. Not only do masks not come in “sizes,” a lot of gear needs to fit just right to keep you safe and comfortable underwater.

Here is what you need to know:Mask fitting


Masks don’t come in traditional sizes. The right mask for you is the one that fits. Every manufacture has their own methods and materials to try and make their masks as comfortable as possible. It’s impossible to know what mask will fit you until you try a few on. Our staff is great at fitting masks. We know the subtle nuances to look for to avoid leaking (or worse, bruising) when you’re underwater.


Sizing fins is as much an art as a science. Like with masks, each manufacture has their own style. Depending on if you like booties or not, if you like clip-in or spring straps, if you have knee or hip issues, if you like to flutter kick or frog kick, and how much weight you want to pack…there are so many considerations when buying fins beyond “what size shoe do you wear?” And although these do come in sizes, the thickness of a boot and the shape of your food impact the overall fit and comfort of a fin.

Is that too big?Wetsuits

Getting into a wetsuit might be the most aerobic part of diving. But getting the right fit for your wetsuit is super important. A wetsuit that is too big will have pockets of cold water that will zap heat from your body. A suit that is too tight can be horribly uncomfortable and ruin a relaxing vacation. It can even be dangerous if a suit is pinching circulation. We’ve all bought a t-shirt without trying it on, only to find the sizing was off and it doesn’t fit. Don’t make this mistake with your wetsuit and jeopardize being miserable on your next trip.



Owning your own BCD can save you money on rental fees and help you have a safer and more enjoyable trip. When you’re familiar with your gear, you can dive with the ease of feeling prepared and in control of your underwater environment. But not all BCDs fit or feel the same. Trying on different styles in the store is the best way to figure out what’s comfortable for you so you can get into gear that you love.


Getting the right fit is just one of the value-added benefits of buying your dive gear from a local retailer. You’ll also enjoy manufacture warranties, student discounts, and access to our pool to try it out. Our non-commission-based staff is always happy to help get you into gear that fits and meets your diving needs.