Is an Advanced Certification right for you?
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Is an Advanced Certification right for you?

Don't miss out on a dive because you are certification limited!

Advanced Search & RecoveryIf you’ve fallen in love with diving, an advanced course is the way for you to develop useful skills for diving in a range of environments. Some dive destinations even require an Advanced certification in order to dive certain popular dive sites. Don’t miss out by having the minimum certification requirements.

What is this course: Explore the differences of diving deep and diving at altitude. Learn useful techniques to help search and recover items lost in open water. All the while, you’ll gain confidence and improve your buoyancy and navigation underwater.

Top 3 reasons to take this course:

1.)    Go Deeper
Experience the pressure and temperature changes that happen when you descend deeper than 60 feet and learn how to deal with them.

2.)    Learn to navigate
Learn some basic compass skills and useful tricks for navigating a dive site in case you lose sight of the Divemaster or want to adventure out on your own with your buddy.

3.)    Perfect your buoyancy
The number one skill that makes diving more fun (and subsequently, safer) is buoyancy control. This is the most important skill divers can improve during an Advanced certification.

Bonus reason: Have some fun! In the summer our Advanced class includes Search and Recovery skills to find lost items. In the winter, we offer night diving.

Cost: $339.00

Click here for more information or call the shop at 303-220-8282 to learn more about this course!