Peak Performance Buoyancy Course
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Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy control . . . it's what separates good divers from great divers.  Whether you're recently certified or have been diving for years, mastering buoyancy control should be a goal you strive for at any level.

* 1 pool session approximately 2 hrs in length.
* 2 open water dives or 1 open water dive if student has completed 1 peak performance buoyancy dive during Advanced Open Water certification.
* Discuss different types of weight systems and estimate amount of weight you need.
* Practice buoyancy control.
* Conduct buoyancy check, establish neutral buoyancy underwater.

Two open water dives with a certified PADI instructor are required to complete the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course. Open water dives are available at the Homestead Crater or locally at the Aurora Reservoir.

* 1 pool session
* Two open water dives with a certified PADI instructor
* Tanks, weights and weight belt
* 10% discount on all diving equipment purchased during your term as a student (course materials, sale items and equipment rentals excluded.)

* PADI Peak Performance Pack
* PADI certification fee
* Diving gear for open water dives--regulator, BCD. May be rented during the course.