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Reef Fish ID

Have you ever surfaced from a dive and asked your buddy "What kind of fish was that black and orange one you pointed out?". Or been asked "Did you see that toad fish?" when you have no idea what a toad fish even looks like! This is your opportunity to learn and be able to identify different species of fish thanks to the Reef Fish Identification course.

This class is designed to expand your knowledge of the fish and creatures you may see throughout the Caribbean. Your instructor will lead you through an extensive slideshow and lecture to help group fish and creatures for easier identification in reference manuals.

This program uses the Reef Identification series of books for reference. Paul Humann and Ned Deloach spent years photographing, identifying and researching fish from all over the world, resulting in the most informative and inclusive fish and reef creature identification books to date.

$50 per person

Reef Fish Identification by Paul Humann
Optional: Reef Creature Identification, Reef Coral Identification, Pacific Reef Fish Identification, Pacific Reef Creature Identification