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Owning your gear is one of the best ways to make the sport of SCUBA safer and more enjoyable. By being familiar with your setup, and knowing its maintenance history, you can dive knowing you’ll be more comfortable than a diver stuffed into mis-sized rental gear.

Questions to ask when you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase your first (or an upgraded) regulator:

Serviceability: Some brands are easier to service than others. This often comes down to how long the specific brand or model has been on the market, how universal or unique the parts are, and what training is available to techs. If you run into an issue in the islands, having a serviceable regulator increases the odds of someone local being able to help you.

Breathability: All regulators breathe, but some breathe easier than others, especially in current and deep water environments. Depending on your price point, these little upgrades can make diving significantly more efficient and enjoyable. Especially for us "buffalo breathers"!

“Idiot proof”: Accidents happen on dive boats. Sometimes a helpful crew member can make a simple mistake that floods or damages your gear. Some brands have terrific safety features built in to protect your equipment.

Warranties: Different brands offer different protections and guarantees for your gear. O-rings dry out, filters get dirty, and maintaining your gear is the whole point of owning your own. When investing in a high-end piece of life support equipment, we always recommend knowing what the warranties and servicing agreements are on the brand you are buying.

We carry brands that we truly believe in, with easy serviceability, great breathability, solid warranty programs, and those extra nice features we mentioned. Stop by the shop to discuss these and other questions you may have about regulators.