Tom Nichols
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Ph: (303) 220-8282
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Tom Nichols

Hi, I'm Tom Nichols! I became certified in 1998 and diving has been my passion since. Experiencing the underwater world has truly changed my life. Divers get to experience things others can only dream about! As an Emergency First Response (EFR) and SCUBA instructor, I have the pleasure of watching others build the confidence and skills to join me on my next dive.

My favorite place to dive is Grand Cayman. From the deep dives and sharks of the East End to the tranquil shore dives near seven mile beach, Grand Cayman is a diver’s paradise! Whether it's slipping into a dry suit for a cold water dive in British Columbia or gliding weightlessly along a reef in Cozumel, you'll find me diving as often as I can. I believe diving has something to offer to everyone and I hope you'll stop in and give us the opportunity to share our passion! See you soon!

What I dive:
Aqualung Legend LX regulator,