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Travel FAQ

  • What are Referral Dives?  

    Referral dives are the last step in completing your Basic Open Water Certification.

  • How many days does it take to get my referral dives done?

    Four Dives over Two days

  • Can I get all my dives done in one day? 

    No, you cannot complete your 4 dives in one day. PADI standards limit us to a maximum of 3 training dives in one day.

  • Do I have to do my dives in consecutive days?

    No, you can take a day (or two) off in-between your two dive days.  You can take a rest day, enjoy the beach or spend time with your non-diving family. We recommend not waiting until the end of your trip to complete your dives, in case there is bad weather.

  • Do my referral dives include rental gear?

    Most dive operators do include rental gear with referral dives, but check with our travel specialist to be sure. If you plan to do additional dives beyond your training dives, you will need to rent equipment.

  • How do I set up my Open Water Referral dives?

    Contact our Travel Specialists to help set up your dives. They have contacts all over the world with safe, reputable dive operators, to ensure that you have a great diving experience.

  • Do I pay extra to use your Travel Center?

    No! Our travel professionals are here to help make your vacation dreams a reality. You pay the same price as you would setting it up yourself.  Cross one more thing off your to do list and let our Travel Specialists take care of setting up your dives properly.

  • Are there ways to keep my scuba skills fresh between trips?

    Absolutely! Pool night, offered monthly, or pool workouts during store hours, are quick and convenient ways to get wet between trips. Exploring our local dive sites, including the Blue Hole in New Mexico, or the Homestead Crater in Utah, make for great weekend getaways. And if it's been more than a year since your last dive, you can always take a Scuba Refresher with one of our instructors to bring your skills up to date and get comfortable in the water again before your next trip.

  • What do I do about seasickness?

    Mal de Mar is a relatively common occurrence among scuba divers. There are a variety of remedies available, and finding what works for you is the key. From pills to patches, bands to avoiding certain foods, we could easily write a small novel on the options available. Stop in and chat with us about what will work best for you.